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tourist places in kutch

tourist places in kutch: If you are planning a vacation in Gujarat then you are in the right place, here you will find Best tourist places in kutch to enjoy the very good.

tourist places in kutch:
Kalo Dungar: The hilltop is also the site of a 400-year-old temple to Dattatreya, the three-headed incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in the same body. Many fables and tales are associated with the history of the Kalo Dungar. One of them says that Dattatreya happened to pass by this hill while walking on the earth. While admiring the barren landscape, he found a band of starving jackals. He offered them his body to eat and as they ate, his body continually regenerated itself.

Dattatreya Temple on top of Kalo Dungar

tourist places in kutch

Some people differ saying that it was actually a holy saint named Lakkh Guru, a worshiper of Dattatreya who used to live there in an ashram. One day a pack of wild jackals appeared in his ashram and stood expectantly in front of him. When he realized that they were famished, he offered them a simple meal of rice and dal, the staple diet of his ashram. Since that day the jackals started coming each day, day after day.

Because of this, for the last four centuries,  the practice of feeding jackals still continues to this day. The priest of the temple prepares food and serves it to jackals every morning and evening, after the aarti (praying).

Beside the temple is a makeshift tent selling Gujarati handicrafts and traditional dresses.

White Desert Kutch: The Rann (‘Rann’ in Hindi means ‘desert’) of Kutch is located in the Thar Desert in Gujarat, with some parts in the Pakistani province of Sindh. Kutch is the name of the district in Gujarat where this region is situated. It is the largest district in India and draws travelers from all over the world.
The region is divided into two distinct areas — the Great Rann and the Little Rann — each offering different experiences. The Great Rann of Kutch is a unique landscape. You see nothing but white plains (the salt pans) as far as the eye can see. The climate is harsh, hot in the day and cold at night.

tourist places in kutch

It is best to visit the Great Rann of Kutch during sunrise and sunset, as it is the time that you can experience the impact of the vastness and experience the endless white expanse of the Rann. The sun rises as if from the ground and it is the only thing you can focus on. No picture or video can do it justice. Watching this scene alone will make the trip worth it.
Dolavira & More: Dholavira, a village known for its archeological excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization and Harappan Culture can be considered as one of the remotest regions in modern India. The place is closer to many of the smaller towns in Pakistan than the nearest town in India. But there is almost a 60 km impenetrable divide between the two countries by a unique dessert that gets filled in with water during the monsoons and becomes as hard as any of the best roads in Gujarat during the other seasons. Of course, for a typical tourist, there is nothing in store at Khadir, isolated from the mainland except for an eight km long straight road that connects this desert island to the wonders of its outside world. This place is too far for the travel-loving crowds of our cities and the weather out here is very tricky with the highest rate of evaporation, probably highest in the world. Dehydration will be with you throughout even if you try rehydrating yourselves with plenty of liquids, but if you are with an eye to see the less seen things; it is the place for you The travel from Rapar, the nearest town, to Khadir will teach you what loneliness is, it is almost a straight road, you can see as long as your eyes allow you and you may feel lucky if you see a vehicle or two pass your way. Once you are close to Khadir, the road becomes a straight line with shining crystals and slow-moving waves on both sides. Yes, time to realize that you are passing through the Greater Rann of Kachchh. The shining crystals are salt of life; the slow waves are the symbols of continuity in life Rann of Kachchh is not a desert if you consider the first images created in your mind by the word. 
tourist places in kutch

You will never come across the typical sand dunes and mirages but definitely, the vastness and emptiness of Kachchh will attract you. With cracked mud lands and thorny shrubs around, the major part of Kachchh resembles an inhospitable terrain. But this unique ecosystem is very rich in biodiversity and demands a thorough study. Kachchh displays the spirit of humanity and showcases the practical side of Natural Resource Management. The village water storage facilities including the rainwater harvesting, sustainable method of agriculture, architecture that is in harmony with the environment ,. There are several examples One can enhance the visit to this otherwise 'inhospitable' terrain by interacting with the people living in the last village, Dungarani Vand, the village closest to the border with Pakistan -. A settlement of people migrated from the other side much before the partition, interestingly all the villagers numbering around 150 persons are descendants of a single parent and they still have their dinner together If you are the one with a tint of patriotism, you should interact with soldiers of Border Security Force at different outposts, most of them being posted at closest positions of our perceived enemy presence. They may show a stiff face to you in the beginning and make you feel unwelcome but once the ice is melted, read once the sweat is settled, they become the role model for our patriotism, you will definitely remember the phrase they are alert and awake, we sleep in peace' And the people live here happily, content and oblivious of the world out, with the facilities like the nearest equipped hospital being 80 km away, their taluka headquarters and the higher education, that is anything beyond class 12, is being a hundred km away. Once in awhile they enjoy going to the town 80 km away to get some vegetables !.

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