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Places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days:

Places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days:  

If you are planning 2 Days Weekend Travels in Gujarat then you are at the right place, here you will find places to enjoy the very good and low price.

vintage car museum Ahmedabad

Places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days:

Tourists would be amazed at the priceless collection of the valuable cars ranging from the 1906 Minerva to 1954 Ford. Car enthusiasts would be delighted viewing the diverse range of the four-wheeled vehicles. More than a hundred cars are displayed built by well-known coachbuilders including Hopper, Barker, Gurney-Nutting, Fleetwood, and Lebaron.
Well maintained by Vintage and Classic Car Club of India, the museum is now managed by Director Mr. Nitin Dossa. People who appreciate speed and style would be astounded to see the antiques. One of the arresting displays is the 1923 Rolls 20 HP with a typical shooting brake body by Barker among the best collection of Rolls Royce.

Vintage car Museum Ahmedabad Route:

Places to visit near Ahmedabad for 2 days:

Vintage Car Museum is located at 2,200 acres Dastan Farm House on the Sardar Patel Ring Road at Kathwada. Ahmedabad can be reached by road, rail, and air. Sardar Vallabhai International airport has several flights connecting the city with other cities of India and countries of the world.
The main railway station is the Kalupur Railway station that has several trains connecting Ahmedabad with other cities of the country. People can take a cab, taxi, auto-rickshaw from the railway station, bus stop or airport to reach the museum.

Vintage car Museum Ahmedabad Entry Time and Fees:

Vintage Car Museum is open for visitors from 8 am in the morning. The closing time of the museum is 9 pm in the evening. The museum is open every day of the week.
Visiting charges for the museum is Rs.50 per person. An interesting feature of the museum is that the visitors can travel a fixed distance of 3.5 km by paying fees of Rs.500. Visitors will have to pay extra if they want to take their cameras inside the museum.

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